Wow, has a month really gone by? The weeks have been smearing together, like it does whenever you get settled into a routine, a seesaw of daily habits and events.

The 7-year-olds have graduated and a school year has ended. Thus begins a new school year at B-i English School and a new challenge for us teachers – teaching English to kids who have never spoken or read English before, let alone know their ABC’s. This is the real teaching that I expected to do when I came to Korea.

Half of the kids are returning to complete their B-i education and the other half are brand-spanking new to the life of “going to school.” I anticipate many crying episodes, many “what’s the matter?”s with the kids hyperventilating with snotty noses not understanding a word I’m saying. Some kids don’t have American names yet so I’m sure there will also be many blank stares.

I have been teaching for almost 3 months and what I have learned is that I am not meant to be a teacher. I don’t think I’m a bad teacher (come on, I gotta encourage myself if I’m going to make it through the whole year), but teaching is just not for me. How come no one ever says that in their blog about being an ESL teacher? Some people have the gift and the patience and the energy, and some people – like ah-hem, me, – craves peace and a silent work area.

That being said, I try to consider the job as a job and take advantage of the culture and opportunities when I have free time. Side trips to other countries aren’t a bad distraction either. A recent trip to Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year is such an example (which unfortunately rained the whole time we were there, but we got to go on a helicopter ride!! woo hoo!!).